American Power Pull Jack Farm with Steel Base - 48"

  • Lightweight for easy use
  • Safety shear pin
  • A must for the off-roader
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Farm jacks power power jack The rugged, versatile tool that will lift, push or pull 3-1/2 tons with the flick of a lever. Lift trucks, trailers, industrial and construction equipment. Move heavy equipment or skids, Align large assemblies, pull or straighten fence or utility posts. Pull structural assemblies together. For heavy duty use. 7000 pounds capacity, rating established with load at a height of one foot.

  • Lightweight for easy use
  • Low pick up, lifting nose only 4-1/2" from the base
  • Safety shear pin
  • 4" Long lifting nse
  • A must for the off-roader
  • Product Type: Farm Jacks
  • Length: 48"


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