STP Power Steering Fluid - 12 oz

  • Protects against wear and pump breakdown
  • Performs even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Specifically designed for power steering units
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Vital parts in today’s power steering systems need protection in order to keep them operating over a wide range of summer and winter temperature conditions. Specifically designed for power steering units, STP Power Steering Fluid provides year-round protection.

  • Protects Against Wear and Pump Breakdown Caused by Abnormal Wear, Oxidation, and Foaming
  • Performs Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures
  • Specifically Designed for Power Steering Units
Usage Frequency
  • As needed
  • With the engine, off, wipe the power steering reservoir filler cap area clean and remove the cap. Add STP Power Steering Fluid to the specified level. Do not overfill. Consult your owner's manual for fluid specifications.
  • Size: 12 oz


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