Duck Brand Blue Self-Fusing Rubber Splicing Tape - 3/4" X 22'

  • Self-fusing rubber tape
  • Easy application around wires
  • Use your hands to tear the tape
  • UL Listed
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Need to protect your electrical project from the elements Instantly create watertight barriers around low voltage electrical splices or wire repairs with Duck Brand Rubber Splicing Tape. How does this electrical tape create such a durable seal Its design allows super conform ability and stretch so it easily wraps around even the trickiest wires. Plus, its easy-tear and removable liner takes the frustration out of the job - no need for tools to cut it, just use your hands to tear the tape, even with the liner.

  • Self-fusing rubber tape for easy application around wires
  • Low voltage protection for protecting/waterproofing low voltage interior and exterior electrical wire splices
  • UL Listed
  • Size: 3/4" X 22' X 30 mil
  • Color: Blue


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