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Floyd Raking LeavesDivert leaves from burn piles, storm drains and the landfill ~ Send them to compost piles, garden beds, and landscapes!

Leaf Exchange Program – Jackson County Air Quality: The Leaf Exchange Program gives residents an alternative to burning leaves, which contributes to particulate matter and other pollutants in the air. Jackson County Air Quality compiles a contact list of people who have leaves to dispose of, and another list of those who are looking for leaves to make compost. Leaf donors and leaf recipients can then contact each other to arrange for pick up and delivery of the leaves. To add your name to the list, contact Jackson County Air Quality, 541-774-8207.

Recology Ashland Sanitary Service Free Leaf Drop-off Days: On specific days each year, RASS will accept leaves for free drop-off at the recycling center, corner of Water and VanNess Streets in Ashland. Plastic bags will need to be emptied and taken away. Branches and other yard debris are not accepted. Call 541-482-1471 or visit recologyashlandsanitaryservice.com to find out this year’s schedule.

Rogue Disposal Transfer Station – Free Leaf Drop-off: 8001 Table Rock Road, drop-off leaves and other green waste free of charge. Bags, cans and other receptacles must be emptied in the designated area; do not mix them with green waste. Contact Rogue Disposal at 541.779.4161 or roguedisposal.com.

Cities of Ashland & Talent Leaf Collection Program: Purchase pre-paid bags at the Recology Ashland Sanitary Service office, 170 Oak Street. Participants residing within the urban growth boundaries of Ashland and Talent will have a first-come, first-served limited discount on pre-paid leaf collection bags. Leaves only; branches and other yard debris are not accepted. On trash collection day, during a green debris/recycle week, place bags at the curb. Leftover bags may be used next year. There is 35 lb limit on bags. 541-482-1471 or visit recologyashlandsanitaryservice.com for this year’s availability dates.

City of Central Point Leaf Pick-up: Collection by Rogue Disposal on specific days each year. Bagged leaves only; bags with branches or any other debris will not be collected. Bags must weigh less than 40 lbs. and should be tied closed. Place bags in the public right of way the night before or in the early morning the day of leaf pick up. It is against City ordinance to blow leaves into the street, as it clogs storm drains. Call Rogue Disposal at 541-664-3321, ext. 241 or visit roguedisposal.com for this year’s collection dates.

City of Eagle Point Annual Leaf Pick-up: Collection within Eagle Point city limits only. Bagged leaves only; bags with branches or any other debris will not be collected. Bags must weigh less than 40 lbs. All bags should be placed behind the curb for pickup. No collections will be done on private property. Do not place bags in the street. The City cannot specify the exact date leaves will be picked up; do not telephone the City for collection. Anyone wishing bagged leaves for mulch may request them by phoning the Public Works shop at 541-826-4212 ext.138, or pick them up curbside on any street. For more information, call 541-826-4212 ext.138, or visit cityofeaglepoint.org

City of Medford Leaf Collection: During a specific date range each year, anyone within Medford city limits is eligible for leaf pickup by Rogue Disposal & Recycling at no charge. Place leaves in 30-gallon heavy-duty plastic bags, tie them shut and put them at the curb (if you don’t have a curb, place bags off the roadway, approximately eight feet from the pavement). Every few weeks, a crew will collect the bags, though it will not necessarily occur on your regular trash day. You may use your own bags, or get free or discounted bags at Rogue Disposal Customer Service Center, One West Main Street, Suite 401, in downtown Medford. Park on the street and take the elevator in the lobby to the fourth floor. Bags with branches and other yard debris will not be collected. Bags must not weigh more than 40 lbs. For this year’s collection dates and more information about bag availability, phone 541-779-4161 or visit roguedisposal.com.

City of Phoenix Leaf Collection Day: Collection by Rogue Disposal one day each year. Bagged leaves only; bags with branches, garbage or any other debris will not be collected. Bags should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. Bags must weigh less than 40 lbs. and should be tied closed. For this year’s date and for more information, call Phoenix Public Works, 541-535-2226 or visit phoenixoregon.net.

City of Rogue River Annual Leaf Pick-up: Mid October – Mid-February, within Rogue River city limits only. Bag or pile your leaves for collection. Piles need to be within the reach of a 6-foot vacuum hose, but not behind fences, in the gutters, or the street. Bags should be in a driveway or in the front yard, not blocking the sidewalk. After leaves have been placed, call City Hall at 541-582-4401 or visit cityofrogueriver.org. Leaves only; if any items other than leaves are included, the pile or bags will not be collected.

Compost in Your Own Backyard: Year-round. Composting is easy, inexpensive and fun. Watch your leaves and grass clippings become a useful soil amendment for your garden, lawn or houseplants. Abundant instructions are available on the internet, or contact Jackson County Recycling Partnership, jcrecycle.org. 541-494-5488

Year-round Curbside Yard Debris Collection:
Recology Ashland: Call for service and pricing. 541-482-5488
Rogue Disposal & Recycling: Subscription service. 541-779-4161

Year-round Yard Debris Drop-off Sites:
Hilton Landscape Supply: No fee. 8087 Blackwell Rd., Central Point. 541.664.3374
Recology Ashland: Fee. 3000 N. Valley View Rd., Ashland. 541.482.1471
Rogue Disposal & Recycling: No fee. 8001 Table Rock Rd., White City. 541.779.4161

Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle more:
Find the Jackson County Recycling Directory
online at www.jcrecyclingdirectory.org

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