Horse Guard Flaxen Glow Equine Supplement - 10 lb

  • 50% Flax seed cake & 50% full fat extruded soybeans
  • Concentrated energy
  • Omega 3 boost
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50% Flax Seed Cake & 50% Full Fat Extruded Soybeans. Glow is a high protein, high fat concentrate with the benefits of a balanced Omega fatty acids ratio that can be fed to add protein and energy to the diet.

  • It is fed to aid weight gain and improve coat and condition and provide omega-3's
  • It is full-fat soybeans that we extrude on-site making a cooked, easily digestible soybean crumble with no oils removed and flaxseed meal to provide omega-3 fatty acids

50% Extruded whole soybeans, 50% flaxseed meal.

Feeding Instructions
  • Feed 4-16 oz per day, per 1,000 lb Serving size is determined on equine's weight and needs
  • Each bag includes an approx 4 oz scoop, which is half recommended daily serving for the average 1,000 lb equine with moderate caloric needs
  • To determine what size product you would like, consider the weight of your equine, caloric need of your equine and the number of equine you will be feeding
  • Example: A 40 lb bag has 40 servings for an 8 oz serving for a 1,000 lb equine
  • This product can be safely fed to pregnant or nursing mares, weanlings and older
  • 2 Year shelf life
  • Size: 10 lb
  • Shelf Life: 2 Year


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