Storey/Workman Publishing Kids Fluttery Tattoo Butterflies

  • Eighty-one illustrated temporary tattoos
  • Ready to be applied with a damp cloth
  • Offering bright, bold body art
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Kids will love adorning themselves with the stunning specimens in Fluttery, Friendly Tattoo Butterflies and Other Insects. Eighty-one illustrated temporary tattoos introduce creatures with amazing colors and realistic features, from the brilliant blue Cypris Morpho Butterfly to the Garden Tiger Moth, the Jewel Beetle, and the Peacock Pansy Butterfly. Accompanied by fascinating facts about each insect, the tattoos come in sheets and are ready to be applied with a damp cloth, offering bright, bold body art. Also available in the Tattoos That Teach series: Creepy, Crawly Tattoo Bugs; Super, Strong Tattoo Sharks; and Roaring, Rumbling Tattoo Dinosaurs.

  • Authors: Artemis Roehrig, Jillian Ditner
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2019
  • Series: Tattoos That Teach
  • Number of Pages: 14


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