Tip Top Bio Control Grub and Soil Pest Nematodes Cup

  • Safe to use
  • Feature a 12 month shelf life
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New nematode cups feature a 12 month shelf life, and an increased nematode count to 10 million beneficial Nematodes per cup.

Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic worms that are found naturally in the soil. These Nematodes are safe to use around People, Pets and will not harm other beneficials. Nematodes actively hunt for insect larvae, entering through natural body openings. Once inside the larvae, the nematodes excrete bacteria, killing the larvae. Within a few days the pest will change color and die. The Nematodes feed and reproduce within the dying insect, before leaving the old host to hunt for more pests. As the number of pests decrease, so will the Nematode population. For this reason, semi-annual releases are recommended.


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