Tip Top Bio Control Green Lacewing Eggs

  • Realeses 1-5 Eggs per sq. ft.
  • Adults can live for 20-40 days
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Green Lacewing are general predators who feed on a variety of insects. They are very effective against; Aphids, Small Caterpillars, Whitefly, Mites, Scale, Thrips, Psyllids, Mealybugs and other soft bodied insects. During the larval stage it is a predator. Larvae look like small alligators with noticeable legs. Adults are large green insects with semi-transparent green lace like wings.

Egg to adult in about 30 days depending on weather. Adults can live for 20-40 days and will lay up to 600 eggs. Eggs hatch in about 3-5 days after reaching a temperature of 60°F. Larvae feed for about 2 weeks. Each Lacewing Larvae can consume 400 aphids, 11,000 spider mites or 3,700 scales.

Release Rate

1-5 Eggs per sq. ft.


If storage is necessary, store Green Lacewing Eggs at 40-46°F, for no more than 10 days. If the eggs have turned from green to grey, do not store in refrigerator.

  • Count: 1000


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