Durvet Power Fly Spray & Wipe for Horse - 1 gal

  • Kills flies, mosquitoes and deer flies
  • Kills fleas on dogs for 14 days
  • Citronella scented
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Power fly spray & wipe is a non-oily insect control spray that provides powerful yet safe protection against harmful pests. Made with pyranha technology, this economical and quality formula can be used directly on horses and dogs as well as premises (barns, stables, fences, etc.) featuring both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Kills flies, mosquitoes, and deer flies
  • Kills fleas on dogs for 14 days
  • Citronella scented
  • Won’t attract dust and grime
  • Can be sprayed or wiped on
  • Compare to RepelX and others on the market and save
  • Horses, dogs, and other indoor-outdoor applications
  • Permethrin: 0.150%
  • Pyrethrins: 0.075%
  • Piperonyl Butoxide: 0.750%
  • Other Ingredients: 99.025%

Cis/trans ration: min 35% (+/-) cis and max 65% (+/-) trans (butylcarbityl)(6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds


Thoroughly brush horse to remove excess dirt and dust. Extremely dirty horses should be shampooed, rinsed, and allowed to dry before applying wipe. Use a sponge or clean soft cloth or mitt. Apply liberally (1-2 ounces) over areas to be protected. Pay special attention to legs, belly, shoulders, neck, and facial areas. Do not get in eyes and mucous membranes.

Trigger Spray Use

Remove excess dirt and dust. apply 1-2 ounces as a light spray mist to coat while brushing lightly against lay of the hair. do not spray in eyes and mucous membranes. Apply with a sponge or soft cloth around those areas.

On Dog to Kill Fleas

Apply as a spray starting at the tail then spray over entire hair coat while moving the dispenser rapidly. Apply the spray lightly over the entire body with even coverage until the tips of the hair are moist. do not spray into the eyes, face, or genitalia. Using gloves, rub the product into the coat by ruffling the hair so the product reaches the skin. Allow the dog to air dry or blow-dry. do not towel dry. Do not reapply more than once every 14 days.

To Kill Fleas, Blacklegged Ticks & Lone StarTicks In Animal Quarters

Spray to lightly dampen surfaces. Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds and resting quarters, cracks and crevices, window and door frames as well as localized areas of the floor.

  • Size: 1 gal

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