Gardner Bender Metal Staple with Polyethylene Insulated Strap - 1/2"

  • Durable polyethylene insulator
  • Metal construction provides strength
  • For easy starting and reduction
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Gardner Bender provides a complete line of staple and fastening solutions for all industries, including industrial, residential, construction, or manufacturing. From low voltage wire to service entrance cables, professionals rely on Gardner Bender for quality fastening products. The 1/2". Blue Polyethylene and Metal Insulated Staples are an excellent choice for securing and protecting 14/2 and 12/2 non-metallic BX, MC, AC and UF cable. These staples feature metal construction for durability, and the polyethylene insulator helps protect cables and prevent arc faults.

  • Ideal for securing and protecting 2 conductor #12 and #14 Non-Metallic BX, MC, AC and UF cable
  • Durable polyethylene insulator protects cables and helps prevent arc faults
  • Metal construction provides strength
  • Sharp, burr-free tips for easy starting and reduction in damage to wood
  • For framing and construction applications, place staple over cable and install using hammer
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Graphite Metallic with Blue
  • Width: 1/2"
  • Certification: RoHS Compliant


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