Ruffies Extra Large Trash Bag - 33 gal

  • Odor Control
  • Pure Flexx
  • Right-Fit Drawstring
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Ruffies Extra Large Trash Bags give you the extra space needed for all your extra-large clean-ups. These durable trash bags are tough on trash in your garage, yard, and workshop, but not tough on your wallet. Choose between Twist Tie, Wing Tie, and Drawstring closures.

Pure Flexx

Ruffies Pure Flexx Stretch Trash Bags are embossed for flexibility, allowing the bags to stretch around stubborn trash and resist puncturing, tearing, and ripping. These trash bags stretch without stretching your budget.

Right-Fit Drawstring

Toss in the trash and rely on Ruffies Right-Fit Drawstring bags to stay put. The flexible drawstring hugs the can so the bag won’t slip. And the closure couldn’t be easier. Simply pull the drawstring and tie to secure.

Odor Control

Let’s face it, trash doesn’t smell good. Combat unpleasant odors from household waste with Ruffies Unscented Odor Control trash bags. With a built-in odor-control agent, these bags help combat unpleasant odors from taking over before they start.

  • Size: 33 gal
  • Count: 10


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