Danner Brown Boot Dressing - 4 oz

  • Prolongs life
  • Helps condition and break in boots
  • Protects and revives leather
  • For use on full-grain leather only
  • For nubuck, suede or rough-out leather, try the Waterproofing Spray
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For Reconditioning Brown, Smooth-finish Leathers

Experts always take care of their tools because they know their tools take care of them. Danner boots are no exception and Danner Boot Dressing is the key to maintaining their quality. This premium dressing is formulated to keep smooth brown leather from drying and cracking and should be used to recondition boots after hard use. Can also be used to help soften leather when breaking in new boots. Boot Dressing Compound is water-resistant and allows for breathability. This is especially important to Gore-Tex boots, as the waterproof membrane needs to be able to breathe through the leather to work most efficiently. For use on full-grain leather only.


Boot care products may cause stains or result in the darkening of leather. Suggest testing this product on a small area before applying it to the entire boot. Please follow the instructions on the package and be sure to wipe away any excess boot care product before storing.

  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Care Instructions: For Use on Full-Grain Leather Only
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