Glisten Packs Garbage Disposal Cleaner - 4.9 oz

  • Use to clean disposer and drain pipes
  • Protects Pipes from Corrosion
  • Safe for Garbage Disposals
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Glisten Disposer Care cleans what home remedies and other brands cannot. Glisten reaches deep into the hidden areas and foams away the toughest grunge and foul odors while freshening your whole kitchen. Convenient and easy to use. Use weekly or as needed to maintain your disposers and drains.

  • Foaming cleaner, powered with bleach alternative, reaches deep to clean disposer and drain pipes
  • Biodegradable packet cleans and scrubs away tough grunge and odor-causing build-up from sidewalls, blades, under the splashguard and other hidden areas
  • Made with natural ingredients, safe for drain, disposer and septic
  • Container Size: 4.9 oz
  • Protects Pipes from Corrosion: Yes
  • Safe for Garbage Disposals: Yes


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